Faculty Member Randy West’s “Cloud Panels” in Venice, CA

The exterior artwork façade for 43/45 Brooks Avenue is a set of moveable screens (traveling horizontally on tracks) designed by artist Randy West. Starting with multiple photographs of clouds, Mr. West translated the imagery by laser cutting a dot pattern into stainless steel panels. Pulling from the modernist’s toolbox this brise-soleil activates the architecture by gliding in front of the living room, bedroom and staircase windows shading them as desired. From the rooms’ interiors the cloud pattern becomes abstracted giving the impression of a lace curtain–a sun breaker. The idea of screens is not only to add privacy but, like the fundamentals of photography, to capture and control light.

43/45 Brooks Avenue is Mr. West’s second project with the Venice Collaborative. His first, 419 Ocean Front Walk, can be viewed at http://www.venicecollaborative.com/419ocean.html

Click on the images for more information about the project and the Venice Collaborative.

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